Nantucket Charm Necklace
Nantucket Charm Necklace

Nantucket Charm Necklace

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These beautiful Nantucket Charm necklaces are a meaningful way to keep your Nantucket memories with you always. This timeless piece can be worn layered or as a bold solo accessory. 

Includes: 14kt Gold Chain 18"
Picnic Basket Charm: 14kt Gold
Golf 3 Clubs Charm: 14kt Gold
Mini Moby Charm: 18kt Gold
Starfish with Sapphire Charm: 18kt Gold
Nantucket Sign Charm: 14kt Gold 
Small Catboat Charm: 18kt Gold
Red Port Light Charm: 9kt Gold
Seahorse Charm: 14kt Gold 
Windmill Charm: 14kt Gold


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