Hand Engraved Signet Rings

Susan's career as a jeweler began with her series of Signet Rings.
Always fascinated by the history and elegance of family crests, and the stories they tell, Susan has crafted a beautiful collection of different styles that will accommodate almost any hand engraved design. Show off your personal style or commemorate your family’s legacy with a hand-engraved signet ring.
We can research or create a family crest, coat of arms, monogram or symbol of your choice. All engraving is done by hand. Please  click here  to see engraving and monogram styles. Contact us for information and pricing, to start designing your new family heirloom. 

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Give Your Gifts a Personal Touch

Make your loved one’s celebration even more special by adding a personal touch. Gift them a signet ring with a custom coat of arms hand engraved, or a monogram.
All our signet rings come in beautiful 18kt Gold. You can choose from various styles, such as the solid and robust “Big Boy” or the refined and elegant “Ashley Oval.”
Get in touch to order a hand-engraved signet ring.